Chat: Disciplinary actions guideline

The following are the rules by which chat staff is to perform disciplinary actions. If you find that a staff member is treating you too harshly, you are strongly asked to ping @staff to get attention from other staff members for additional judgement of the situation, though don't throw a tantrum please, as that will result in a disciplinary action against you.


When a user commits an offense that would require a vote, the representatives of their branch take care of that case.

E.g. user Abc-FR says “You fucking cunt!” to another user, so the French representatives take the lead in the disc process. If necessary, they talk with the offender in French to prevent misunderstandings, and if necessary do the mediating. They propose possible disciplinary actions. They may ask the delegation of the offended’s branch to do the talking with them.

Though, initial measures like demanding to keep it down or trying to deescalate are taken out by whoever notices the offense. That one then pings the respective delegation immediately in #staff_discussion when they think that disciplinary action has to follow. The delegation takes over as soon as they get aware of the case. The one who takes initial measures may ping all staff should they need immediate aid. They are also encouraged to make use of KIRA’s !stop command.

If there are no staff members of that branch responding within 12 hours, volunteering staff members from any branch take over. Branches that do not have the manpower to take care of offenses of their users in INT can opt-out from this system. Offenses of their users are taken care of volunteers then. The delegation on a case may at any time request the assistance of specific other staff members, or a number of volunteers or of all staff.
If users from multiple branches are involved in an incident, their cases will each be taken care of by their branches delegation, but these will seek for an even outcome and a compromise, so all involved parties are treated equally.

Offense classification


The boot we use for kicking

When someone commits an offense, staff decides not what measure exactly to take but in which class the offense falls. Each class has a strict escalation plan. With each offense the index is raised by 1, and the respective measure for the chosen class at that index is carried out. You find the class-list and escalation plan in the appendix of this proposal. Staff can also decide to drop the charges if the offense is too minor to justify disciplinary measures.

This escalation plan would always be used. Only in situations that may strongly require a raised tolerance for humanitarian reasons (e.g. for users who are mentally ill, suicidal or mentally disabled), and in harassment cases that could be solved with more creative measures, we reserve the right to make exceptions in both directions on a case by case basis. There is no obligation for staff to make exceptions though for any reason. To make exceptions is up to the delegation(s) taking care of the case and may be overruled in the following vote, and exceptions are not made lightly and without good reason. There are no exceptions from the escalation plan other than in this cases.

Before an offense is classified it should be checked if the problem can be solved by mediation.

Every 6 months a user may request to have their index lowered or reset. This is not done automatically, and staff will take the user’s recent behavior into account and decide about the request.

Time limits

Disciplinary measures should be taken no longer than 76 hours after the offense (harassment cases and cases that need research may take longer). To ensure that, time limits are required as follows:

  • 24-36h: Initializing disc process and delegating responsibility, followed by clarification and discussion of the case, followed by proposal of the class by the responsible representatives. They discuss the case in #staff_discussion in English if their skills are sufficient; while they do so, other staff members are asked to keep quiet unless they are asked or see the necessity to add information they possess or feel like the resulting class may be much too high. They are asked to respect the authority of the responsible delegation to propose the class.
  • 36-48h or 17 votes (absolute majority): It is voted on the proposed class with:
    • Yes
    • No
    • Abstain
    • Other class (the vote is halted to discuss)
    • For/against the exception (if an exception is being proposed)

The measure is carried out immediately after the vote comes to a result. If the delegation is not online then, it is carried out by a volunteer.

The exact time limit is decided on by the delegation within these bounds. If they get to a solution beforehand, they continue with the next step.


Offense classes

  • Class A: Shitposting; being cheeky to staff; minor tantrum throwing and other minor offenses; being a tiny wiener
  • Class B: Being a normal sized dick; arguing with staff; major tantrum throwing
  • Class C: Being a king-size dick; refusing to obey staff-/stop-orders; being deliberately offensive; minor harassment
  • Class D: Being a [CENSORED]-porn sized ████; deliberately insulting users; repeatedly posting offensive content against staff order; just being an ass to everyone; minor trolling; major harassment
  • Class E: Posting illegal content that does not fall in class F; raiding; massive trolling; being identified as a pedophile/convicted rapist/dangerous to minors for other reasons; being an offender in a harassment case that faces criminal charges for their offense
  • Class F: Posting illegal content that requires the authorities attention, e.g. child porn, illegal drug stores, black market links etc.

A user charged with Class E or F offense is immediately muted until decision. The server owner (@Dr. Grym#2456) can decide upon Class E and F without consultation of other staff. The time limit is reduced to 12 hours for classification and 12 hours to vote. Staff may decide with a 4-in-favor-vote or server owner veto to ban the user as a precaution until the actual decision. If there are no 4 staff members responding within 15 minutes, the favor of the remaining responsive staff members is enough, even if it is only one.

If the result is Class F, the authorities must be informed if someone volunteers to do so. No one can be forced, so if that fails the user is reclassified as Class E. The server owner has to do some research if they are legally required to inform the authorities of their home country.

Escalation plan

Index1 1 2 3 4 et seqq.
Class A Warning2 Mute 24h Kick Ban
Class B Warning + Mute 24h Kick Ban
Class C Warning + Kick Ban
Class D Warning + Ban
Class E Perma, no appeal
Class F Perma, no appeal, informing the responsible legal authorities

Bans grow longer in the following intervals with each repetition, not scaling with the index but only with repeated bans:

  • 24h
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • indefinitely with ability to appeal every 6 months

An example

User Abc-Fr joins and has Index 0. They have a habit of posting the same dank meme over and over until they are facing a Class A result. Their index is incremented to 1 so they are warned.

Some time later they start talking about their ingrown ass hair. Staff demands to STFU but they insist on explaining on how to shave their back and how long body hair has to be to start braiding it. Staff is in a good mood and the back shaving tips are actually useful, so they face a Class A result again. Their index is incremented to 2 so they are muted for 24h.

Some time later they get in an argument about the word “chocolatine” and start cussing. Then they rant about the degeneration of the French language and say to the next user who jokingly mentions chocolatine “You fucking cunt!”. French staff may agree on the savagery the word “chocolatine” bears, but that behavior is a bit over the top so they go for class B as the insulted user takes it lightly. As the user already has an index of 2 it is incremented to 3 so they are banned for 24 h.

Up to this day, the user still is missing. Search parties found no traces of them. Rumors say sometimes you can find parts of braided black and curly hair in the woods, and in silent nights you can hear faint screaming and weeping near chocolatine-shops.

Logs and protocolling

The index and disciplinary measures are logged on the Disciplinary log, which is invisible to the public to keep the private and personal info we may receive during the disc process non-public. The remaining time of disc measures can be seen on the Timers page. Users can ask for their index. KIRA may get a function with which users can request their index automatically.

Other disciplinary measures


You see this, you better stop posting

Demands are no longer part of the disc-escalation but are a common instrument available to all staff without having to consult other staff. A demand is the official order by a staff member that one or more users shall stop a certain behavior.

Stop Order: Any staff member is free to order a discussion to be halted immediately if they think it is escalating. Posting after a stop order will result in a mute and can have further disciplinary consequences. KIRA has a command for stop orders, so you will receive most of them from her.

Cross-Branch Disciplination: Branches may request that certain disciplinary actions they took on their branch may be transferred also to INT, e.g. to prevent a user from evading the measure. This is subject to vote then.

Being below the minimum age (14) will result in a ban until the 14th birthday if the birth date is believably known, or the remaining years counted from the current date. This does not affect the index.

What is and what is not an offense

What is an offense: Everything that is annoying, abusing or illegal. In short, everything breaking rule #1 (Don't be a dick!) is an offense.

The most common offense we will encounter is shitposting. But what exactly is shitposting? Well, it's to post shit. Posting for the sake of posting, without any message, without coherence, or just being annoying. A good indicator for shitposting is that non-staff users are asking an offender to stop.

Also other rather obvious things like: Criminal offenses e.g. posting child porn, links to drug-shops etc.; malicious content, like malware, links to infected sites etc.; being a bot not invited by staff or inviting a bot without asking staff first; abusive behavior as a staff member; advertising without asking staff first; having lied about their age to get into NSFW-channel and so on.

Being a dick on Wikidot or Discord PMs or harassing a user on social media or even in real life may result in disciplinary measures here.

What is not an offense:

  • Not being a member of any wiki (should use the tag of the branch they are most often visiting)
  • Not using their Wikidot-nick as their nickname on discord (though this would be useful)
  • Thinking the Foundation is real. I mean, lots of us had at least doubts when we first encountered the Foundation (though playing inconvincible is an offense).
  • Having an unpopular opinion. We are a group of people from different countries, with different cultures and different perceptions of what is normal. Everybody is free to state and discuss their opinion if they do it in a civilized and respecting matter. This requirement also applies for staff members.
  • Being offensive unintentionally. Again, what is normal to some can be offensive to others and not everyone can express themselves well in English. Explain them their mistake in a respectful way, no matter how hard you are offended. If you can't, ask another staff member to do so.
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