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Of course authors can put their article in the main list and tell us not to put it in the INT-Hub.

Re: INT-Hub proposal by Dr_GromDr_Grom, 09 Apr 2018 06:39

Embedding looks fine but it looks like we're denying authors the option to have their article published as a mainlist article.

Re: INT-Hub proposal by Gene RGene R, 06 Apr 2018 07:45

User got banned today for slurs and shitposting. Ban will last 1 week; remove the 12th April 2018.


Re: Chat: @SuperHankHill#2151 by LofBLofB, 05 Apr 2018 15:35

Same as -PL on -IT. The thread is on but only one person has talked thus far.


Re: Project Foundation: Survey by LofBLofB, 05 Apr 2018 07:15

User got kicked today for posting random memes and general behaviour. Logs can be requested from me if needed.

Just noting that PL is still working on it. I will post results as soon as i will get them.

DrCrystal is currently wasting my damn time rambling incoherently not shutting up long enough for me to call the proofreading department talking ?… fuck I give up. He's giving me his Manifesto, I'm currently ignoring him for the most part but yeah, he's threatening to sue us all.
I'm just going to go ahead and block him. Roget is being alerted.

For the record, DrCrystal contacted me on the morning of the 26th March 2018 with the following message (sic):


I touch with you (sorry, i'm not the best in English), about the copyright infringtment of my site, it's no longer exists, i have credited ALL translations and i continue to credite all of the site. So, i ask you an acess to the o5-command of INT to speak about this in the topic open.

Dears sentiments,
DrCrystal, Master-Admin of the Branch.

To which, after a brief consultation with other staff of this wiki on Discord, I replied:

Hi DrCrystal,
there already is a French branch and Canadian French is a dialect, not an independent language. As a representative of INT, I'm telling you that INT does neither support nor acknowledge your project, and that any and all problems that you may have are strictly among you and the French Branch. To prevent unnecessary drama and escalation, we recommend to stop your project.


Agree with wanna on this. I'm pretty sure no one, of any branch, will want to have contact with the guy, not only because it's a winy idiot but because, most importantly, he's a thief and disrespects other people's work. Nonetheless, I think it would be inappropriate to preemptively ban him from here if he shows up. If he keeps on copy-pasting stuff and infringing copyright let's report to the authorities and let them flog him down.


I already say what i wanted on discord, but for the record:

We do nothing here as long as we don't have to. Let that kid wither or let them grow: that's their business. If they will continue with stealing then we will contact authorities.

26-02-2018: Crystal created the Canadian branch.

28-02-2018: Crystal joined the French branch.

09-03-2018: Crystal stole the incomplete translation of an inactive member and posted it without proper crediting. We didn’t realize at the time.

13-03-2018: Crystal proposed creating a Canadian branch as it does not exist yet, and he would be in charge, then requested help to set it up. When asked why the French-speaking Canadians wouldn’t join the French-speaking branch of the SCP Foundation, he answered “We all know the instinct for independence of the French Canadians and that’s pretty much all”. A dozen of persons (both staff and more experienced members) explained to him that his project in its current form was rather useless and that they doubted he would be able to manage it properly, and he couldn’t argue back.

14-03-2018: Crystal claimed he found a forum violating the license, took the matters in his own hand by contacting them and filed a complaint when they did not listen to him. He was given an official Warning for that. User contested rather insolently.

The forum in question mimicked our 05command, with different account stealing the nicknames of staff members and copy-pasted posts and utilitarian pages. It was deleted the same day (about which Crystal bragged). It was later revealed that the admin of the forum was Crystal himself and that it predated Crystal joining our community. A second forum mimicking the forum of the French branch was also discovered with the same nicknames (this one not deleted

His answers regarding the project became less and less convincing on this second thread, as he persisted and ignored nearly every suggestion with a certain arrogance and a growing anger.

He later apologized through PM, but some signs betray a everybody-is-against-me mentality including messages on his sandbox: “Some people told me I should give up but I didn’t. Why? Because I don’t need their diatribes, I have my determination. – DrCrystal, originator of the project.”

15-03-2018: Crystal broke one of the most common rules of the French Branch (posting a draft before having the idea approved). He was called to order in a very magnanimous way as a 24h ban could have been issued against him for this second major violation but behaved rudely and was called to order again.

16-03-2018: Crystal stole the incomplete translation of an inactive member and submitted it for validation, without changing a single word. We didn’t realize at the time.

Crystal apologized again for his aggressive behavior and revealed that he had already created the Canadian Wiki. However, the “Staff Organization” page of that wiki included several French staff members as staff (without them knowing) and plagiarized French guides.

We had suspicions of Crystal usurping the identity of some notable individuals (an admin of SCP-Gmod and a SCP-Youtuber). On his twitter account, he also claimed to be the manager of a 200k-youtuber.

17-03-2018: It was established that Crystal used at least two accounts to interact with us under different nicknames. He was banned 24h for that third major infraction and his behavior.

18-03-2018: It was revealed that Crystal had stolen drawings from a French artist (Anderlaxe), posted it as his own on the forum, our Discord, and external Discords. He used the nickname (Ander) for weeks in order to be more believable. Permabanned at this point for massive deception.

Several French translations have also been stolen and posted on the Canadian branch and the Author page of our admin Johannes (where he put his name instead of Johannes).

We also discovered he had created a Discord, where he copied every chan of our Discord, copy pasted our rules and even the latest news of our chan Announcement. We confronted him on this Discord but he denied everything, hiding behind his second account (despite being exposed we knew for certain it was him). We tried to explain to him one last time then left as he never cooperated.

23-03-2018: Crystal keeps stealing French material without proper crediting.

Crystal opened a thread on 05command-CA as follows:

Although it’s a shame to do it, I have to open this thread, as the branch is now launched, concerning the reaction of the French staff and their “aversion” for the project.

Quote of Cendres [French staff]

“As you may already know, there’s been a proposal from user DrCrystal to create a Canadian branch, as follows:

[Quote of Crystal’s first proposal on the forum]

I’d usually say this comes out of our jurisdiction, but since they asked our help as staff, we have to pretend to do our work, officially and with procedure, as if we’re professionals and not internet clowns.”

I don’t know what you think, but I see nothing but aversion for the project, maybe they’re afraid we steal their audience and new members?

Anyway, according to that post, their staff will definitely ask their community to mass-report as they already did.

Waiting for your opinion before deciding for good. [Sidenote: beside his other accounts, Crystal is alone on his website]

As non-members could answer the discussion, Neremsa went for a last message to him:


We told you it was most probably premature to launch such a branch with the little knowledge of Wikidot you have. Proof are, you struggle setting up a poor theme and non-members can post messages on your staff site. We also told you launching a Canadian website was of very little interest since Canada’s languages are English and French, and there already is both an English-speaking branch (mainbranch) and a French-speaking branch of the Foundation. We even told you we would be glad to see the French lore diversify. But no, you persisted. (Actually, if we check dates you created it before asking…)

Your knowledge of the lore is patchy. You seem to think each country has its O5 Council although it’s not the case. Your Canadian O5 Council is an inanity, since there only is one for all the Foundation. Your 001 is cliché and poorly written (even by Series I’s standards).

Then, you violate the license by not crediting what you take from the French branch.

But above all, you plagiarized an artist on Twitter by claiming the drawings you posted on Discord were yours. No one of the Foundation (no matter the branch) will ever trust a plagiarizer. Besides, we don’t even need to mass-report you, plagiarism breaks Wikidot’s terms of use. It’s that easy. The SCP community hates plagiarism, because we’re artists. You simply discredited yourself for life.

Neremsa, administrator of the French-speaking branch of the SCP Foundation

PS: deleting this message is useless as it was carefully screened and saved on the French O5 forum.

And it was indeed deleted. And Crystal answered twice:

Intentional provocation of one of the French admins. It’s settled, the French-speaking French branch is making fun of us. I close the debate as follows.

If French/Belgian people are taking the piss out of us, we’ll do the same. Let’s also emphasize Neremsa (the French admin in question) did not hesitate having fun of my SCP sooo… I deny any direct cooperation with this admin. They’ll have to choose one single contact to represent and it won’t be Neremsa.
Second post

Today at 17:00 (GMT+1 French time), non-member Neremsa posted here, in our hidden place, a message in the name of the French branch, and not hesitating to criticize meanly one of my SCP, which is not an official and responsible behavior. I changed the permissions so non-members can no longer post. Behavior to monitor everywhere when he talks about us and NO DISCUSSING official matters with him until he apologizes properly. There are other staffs.

We consider Neremsa’s behavior was ok, so he will not get any excuse. We also think it’s incredibly sassy to ask for excuses despite never apologizing himself for his most serious offenses, but it’s not that important.

TL;DR: The whole thing is quite fucked up and he is fucked up as well. The guy has been a lying piece of deception all along, and we even have reasons to think he is actually not Canadian we even have the proof he's not Canadian and has probably never stepped a foot in Canada. We will monitor any activity of his as close as we can and already engaged the procedures to resolve the still ongoing situations. We also do not consider and will never consider his branch as legitimate.

The French staff fervently hopes all branches will cut off any unnecessary contact with this individual and his so-called representatives (at least as long as he does not apologize) and we hope he will be banned from here too.

I think we should lock embedded pages, indeed. They should only be changed for corrections or when the original is altered.
Added that to the proposal.

Re: INT-Hub proposal by Dr_GromDr_Grom, 22 Mar 2018 15:19

(Plus, what if EN-voters mostly dislike an OK translation?): they will just delete it like every other article

In this assumption, voting was to be done on the Internation Archives, not on the English Wiki (as articles would be linked), that is my concern.

Posting the results a bit late but eh, French people aren't known to stick to deadlines.

Re: Project Foundation: Survey by MafiewMafiew, 22 Mar 2018 13:58

I think that too, embedd is best way to do this. Also, my answer to Mafiew question above (Plus, what if EN-voters mostly dislike an OK translation?): they will just delete it like every other article, but we pick our best articles to ensure that this will never happen.

You have my full support, lets do this.

Embedd them from INT (recommended)

Definitely the most practical solution in may ways but EN-staff may feel uneasy with displaying articles from another wiki, that can be edited or vandalized by members of the other wiki (especially with our use of the Join button). We might need to lock embedded pages as to ensure EN the article will not be altered.

Link to INT

EN-staff may feel uneasy relying on the rating module of our wiki (Join button, etc.) to determine whether people like the article or not. Plus, what if EN-voters mostly dislike an OK translation? We do not have a Deletion Policy based on rating and I honestly don't want one.

Copy them

Less practical, we'll need to keep both versions identical as you already mentionned, but I don't see any other problem.

Re: INT-Hub proposal by MafiewMafiew, 22 Mar 2018 13:00

So, to bring new wind here, I propose to propose the content below to EN-O5.

The first sentence only is valid if all branches approve of this formulation. EN Representatives are asked to provide hints how to formulate for maximum success, and to foresee questions that will be asked so we can answer them in the proposal. The Review Team is asked to search for mistakes.

Hereby we, the branches of the SCP Foundation, propose to create a hub on the main branch's Wiki, featuring translations from the International Translation Archive from other languages to English. We suggest to count this as another series, similar to -J or -EX, to prevent mixing things up with the main series.

We suggest you delegate staff members who decide what translations to show on your wiki. The background, writing style and references differ from branch to branch, not everything may be suitable for EN from the start. Optionally, we can provide articles we deem ready for EN, if your staff capacity is maxed out.

INT's Review Team will check the chosen translations for any mistakes and format with top priority. We suggest your delegates also check the chosen articles.

There are three ways to add translations to your wiki:

  1. Embedd them from INT (recommended)
    • There will never be a difference between both translations
    • Embedded pages are indistinguishable from the original for the reader
    • Rating module and comments are running on the wiki the page is displayed, and unrelated to each other
    • The pages will be locked to prevent vandalism
  2. Link to INT
    • Organizational the best way, but the users will land on INT and we will need a technical solution for them to go back to EN
    • Users would need to join INT to rate and comment
    • The pages will be locked to prevent vandalism
  3. Copy them
    • This bears the disadvantage that both your and our version may differ at some point. This way is not suggested.

Much content will be needed to justify own hubs for each branch, so we recommend to put all translations into this INT-Hub. We have prepared a mock-up of how this might look (please note that this is a mock-up, the content is just for presentation). Of course you are free to use another layout.
As the look of such a hub depends on the amount of content, we have prepared different cases:

To make sure that all users notice that they are not in the main series, you could put the INT-SCPs in an own category and apply the INT's theme to it for example.

INT-Hub proposal by Dr_GromDr_Grom, 22 Mar 2018 12:30
Re: the toxic fox #7676 by wanna-amigowanna-amigo, 19 Mar 2018 17:43

User joined to advertise their "secrets of scp foundation" discord. Grom asked them to put branch tag in their nick, then i wrote PM to them. Logs can be found below.

Decided with 2 days ban (calling Staff a bitch after official warning imo warants "go straight ahead two blocks"). I just want to point out that it was kind of emergency ban, cause i'm more than sure that there will be trouble.

the toxic fox #7676 by wanna-amigowanna-amigo, 15 Mar 2018 21:21
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