Staff FAQ

Warning : this page has not been updated since a long time and several parts of it should be considered outdated.

This document contains info for new Representatives, and for Representative that quickly want to look up what to do in certain situations.

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What should I do first?

Once you are appointed as Representative, you should, if you have not already:

  • Join resp. apply to the INT's sub-wikis:
  • Join our Discord (not mandatory but most communication goes through Discord)
    • If you are not added to @Representatives soon, contact one of the @Chat-OPs.
  • Make yourself familiar with what is going on here. Read the O5 forums and the pinned posts in the staff channels of our chat.

What is the structure of INT's staff?

INT's staff basically consists of Representatives with equal rights. Each branches delegation has a Primary Contact, some sort of leader of that delegation. Also though normally Representatives are Moderators on the Wikis, Primary Contacts may decide that one or more of their Representatives are no moderators.

Unofficial Representatives are listed in the Staff Structure, but are no moderators.

Team Captains can be Moderators on the Wikis if staff decides so, they can volunteer to be Chat-OPs, also the Representatives can decide to grant them access to other staff channels. They do not necessarily have to be Representatives.

Team Members that are no Reps are staff members, but without special rights that do not come with their position in a team.

What is my position?

You, as a Representative, are now a member of the leaders of INT. INT is a cooperative project and managed by all official branches, resp. their delegations. Your rights can be described as "if you see it, you can take part in it". You can volunteer to join the @Chat-OP team, the actual moderators of our chat, you can raise concerns, make proposals and start discussions, about everything, at any time; you don't need anyones' approval.

What is expected of me?

  • In the first place, you are a representative, so you represent your branch.
  • At second, you take part in decision making regarding the course of INT and supervision about your more active colleagues. Attendance is not mandatory, but the more the merrier, and as we come from different parts of the world, the more diverse the bunch of people making decisions is, the more comprising the decisions are.
  • At third, you are a moderator/admin of INT. This is optional, in the Chat you must volunteer to do so, on the Wikis you can opt out from moderation rights.
  • To do so a general attendance is important. Of course your work at your branch and your real life come before INT. But it would be good if you could come by once a week at least. Once every second day is the minimum to actively take part in decision making, practically spoken.
  • It is expected that the branches delegations keep their parts of the Wikis clean. Take care of your hubs and your translations, make sure the Staff Structure is up to date.
  • If you are a Chat-OP or have moderation rights, it is expected that you make use of this position.
  • Chat-OPs are expected to be active. This is so that our users always can find someone to go to, who will quickly take care of them. If you know you will not be active for a while, or just vanish, you will be removed from the role. Not as demotion, but to keep up to date.
  • It goes without saying that you must speak English. Not necessarily good but you must know the basics and be able to have very simple communication.

What can I expect from INT staff?

  • You can expect equal treatment. It doesn't matter if you have just joined or your branch is branch new. Your voice counts the same as that of everybody else and there is no hierarchy of who may speak.
  • You can expect to be heard. Whatever you want to say. Proposals, complaints, feedback, silly jokes, pet pictures.
  • You can expect to get help. Be it technical help with your wiki, moderation tips, feedback or if you just want to talk (we all know that being staff can be stressful).
  • Speak, say whatever bothers you. Be it awkward, silly or blunt. Do not hesitate to ask for help of any kind. Whether you don't know how to deal with troublesome users, your fellow staff has forsaken you, are target by raids, your users are revolting, you don't get along with another Representative, your Wiki is bugged or your plants keep dying? Speak.

What obstacles will await me?

  • The language barrier. We all speak English, but to very varying degrees. Also most foreign speakers do not notice undertones and passive communication, while native speakers have trouble not to notice these when talking to you. Misunderstandings are unavoidable, so it is recommended to always ask when you think you didn't understand something and especially when you think someone is harsh or aggressive.
  • Timezones. They are the second big hindrance and maybe an even bigger obstacle than the language barrier.
  • You will have to deal with disciplinary measures from time to time. You do not have to take part in it, but they sometimes are stressful and unpleasant, especially when you have to deal with peoples psychological problems, stubbornness and trolls.

How should the representatives of a branch be determined?

That is totally up to each branch. There are no requirements, other than that they speak at least basic English.

Though it is recommended that you choose people who have the time to be active here.

There is no minimum- or maximum amount of Representatives, though it is recommended that big branches have multiple Representatives, and that no branches delegation grows to unreasonable size.

Primary Contact

What is a Primary Contact?

The Primary Contact is the "leader" of a branches delegation. They are Admins on the wikis. They are the person that should primarily be contacted by users and other staff that want to contact a branch.

What is expected of a Primary Contact?

  • To speak for their branch. As the name says.
  • Organization of their branches delegation. They should be the ones that give moderation rights on the wikis, keep the Staff Structure up to date.
  • Voting in major decisions in which each branch has only one voice and votes as a whole, not as a delegation.
  • Of course also all the other things expected of Representatives.

How should the Primary Contacts be determined?

There are no other requirements than for other Representatives.

Though it is recommended that the PC of a branch should:

  • Have a high position in their branch so they do not have to ask someone for everything.
  • Be among the most active Representatives of their branch.

Routine jobs: Wiki

Wiki maintenance

There is not much to do yet. But you can use the maintenance lists to search for possibilities to clean up tags and the like. Also reviewing pages with a high Review Attention Level is highly appreciated.

Routine jobs: Chat

Role management

Roles for new users
Users that have added a valid branch tag (see #rules_read_this_first) get the roles @members and the appropriate language roles of all branch tags they added. Have an eye on #bot_log to see who joins and who changes their nickname. This is the job of @Chat-OP, but of course Representatives are allowed to give the standard roles.

The adult role is only for adults. Period. We do not add anyone automatically, users have to apply, and we need some indication that they really are over 18. Just saying so in their application is not enough. Indications are for example that they have stated their age some time ago, a Representative from their branch vouching for them, or more creative measures. If someone applies and you are unsure, ask Dr. Grym, as the owner he can decide who to believe.

@Unofficial Rep.
Users who are staff on unofficial branches can request to be Unofficial Reps. The role is given without other requirements but quickly checking their identity. But make sure to put them in the correct role they are not to be given the @Representatives role!

Before someone is added to the Representatives, we make sure they are entitled. If they are the first Representative of their branch to join, we check their Discord, or ask them to send us a Wikidot PM.
To add or remove Representatives from a delegation is the job of their Primary Contact in the first place. If the PC is unable to do so, or someone is to be set as PC, @Chat-OPs can, but then we again check their entitlement to be a Representative.

@Chat OP
Is given by @Master OPs to Representatives that volunteer to do so. There is no other requirement than being a Representative. So if you have time and want to help, you can volunteer.

Disciplinary action

OMG, a raid is happening! — Raid Protection Mode
Type in !raid in any channel to activate KIRA's Raid Protection Mode. Add the raiders to the role @muted manually. Ping @here in #op-central or #embassy if you need help.
If KIRA is not running, ping @everyone in one of that channels to get help with muting all the raiders. PM @Dr. Grom until he responds and starts KIRA!
The raid mode is deactivated by @Chat OP with !raid a second time. Later, it is decided what to do with the raiders.

Someone misbehaves! — Demanding
All staff members can demand them to stop. That means Chat OPs as well as Representatives. They don't listen? Go to the next step. In any case tell the other Chat OPs in #op-central.

A discussion escalates / A user continues to misbehave! — Stop Order
Place a Stop Order with !stop in the channel where the discussion is, or with !stop #channel in #bot_log, to remain "anonymous". Mute everyone who ignores the stop order manually! Afterwards report in #op-central to determine further actions. All staff can place Stop Orders.

Something happens and you don't know what to do?
Feel free to ping @Chat OP at any time you need assistance. That is what they volunteered for.

How to start a disciplinary process:
First compile the relevant info. Who did what and where. Make screenshots of the offense/s (not necessary after a stop order by KIRA, she saves the last hour of posts from that channel). Add the first line of the beginning of the incident, and add the timestamp, so other staff members can search for it. Determine what delegation is responsible and ping them. It's their turn to handle the matter now. It is advised to begin such posts with a headline that fits in a push message.

Proposing and decision making

First of all two kinds of decisions have to be differenced:

  1. Permanent and big changes that have big impact and can not easily be reverted.
  2. Small changes that can easily be changed or reverted.

The big changes are decided on by an open vote for 48 hours or until an absolute majority is reached.

Small changes are dedided on by the "favor of four". When four staff members including the proposer are in favor of the idea or the consensus of their discussion, it is considered approved until further notice. Of course anyone can at any time demand a full vote for all decisions. Small changes on the chat can be decided by @Chat Op, changes affecting the Wiki or other things are decided by @Representatives. If someone is against, there still must be at least four more in favor than there are against, and those in favor must be the absolute majority.

All decisions - big and small - are logged in #op-log

You have an idea to enhance something?
That's great, post your idea in #embassy and discuss with the others.

You want to make a proposal for a big change?
First, make a concept and if it doesn't fit in one Discord post, maybe put it in a Google Doc or so. Write down your proposal and put it in #embassy, pinging @representatives. Set a time to discuss that should be between 24 and 48 hours, not longer. It is advised to begin the post with a headline that fits in a push message. See the backlog in #op-central for examples.

You want to start a full vote?
Post your vote in #op_log. Ping @Representatives, start with a headline fitting in push messages. Then post date and time with timezone of your proposal or post its first line to search for it. Add a deadline (24-48 hours) and the vote options. See #op_log for examples.

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