Staff Structure

Official branches

Primary contacts

Each branch nominates one primary contact, who gets administrative rights and is responsible for management of their branches hub and representatives. They also get to have a voice in major decisions and can veto in minor decisions.

Representatives with moderator powers

These are official representatives of a branch and staff members of the Archive. They are having moderator power.

Representatives without moderator powers

These are the same as other representatives, they just don't have moderator powers. Unless otherwise noticed their word counts the same though.

Unofficial branches

Primary contacts of unofficial branches

Unofficial branches may also join the International Translation Archive and may delegate representatives and a primary contact. The difference of primary contacts of unofficial branches is, that they do not get administrative or moderator power, but may take part in discussions and minor decisions.

Representatives of unofficial branches

As said, unofficial branches may delegate representatives too. As like their primary contacts they do not get moderator power but may take part in discussions and minor decisions.

Staff team members

Non-representative staff members

These are staff members that do not represent a certain branch but are members of staff for another reason, primarily because they are members of a team. Team Captains are moderators.

Review Team


These are former staff members of the Archive, that usually quit for certain reasons. They no longer are staff and do not possess any powers nor do they represent their branch anymore.

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