Admin Lists

This project is meant to keep the list of Admins of each branch on their main pages up to date. To do this, each branch creates a page somewhere on their wiki or their O5-wiki, containing the info, which then is embedded on the main pages. This way each branch can update their admin info globally instantly.

1. Create an Admin List

Create a page on your Wiki or your O5-Wiki. The unix-name1 component:admin-list is recommended. There put the following into:

{$str_admins}: [[user ADMIN1]] -- [[user ADMIN2]]

And so on. ADMIN1 etc. is the username of the admin. Do not change the thing in the {$…}!

2. Embed an Admin List

To embedd an Admin List you need to know the Wiki it is in and its unix-name.

The current line where the Admins of that branch are listed on the main page is to be replaced with:

[[include :WIKI:component:admin-list str_admins=ADMINS]]

Wherein WIKI is the unix-name of the wiki (the stuff before ""). component:admin-list is the unix-name of the article. The ADMINS is a string that you want in front of the list. In most cases it is "Admins", but you can translate it to your Wikis language like "Administratorzy:" or "管理者:".

List of Admin Lists:

  • EN: —
  • RU: —
  • KO: [[include :scp-kr:component:admin-list str_admins=Admins]]
  • CN: —
  • FR: [[include :commandemento5:component:admin-list str_admins=Admins]]
  • PL: [[include :dowodztwo:component:admin-list str_admins=Admins]]
  • ES: [[include :cuarteldelo5:component:admin-list str_admins=Admins]]
  • TH: — [[include :o5command-th:component:admin-list str_admins=Admins]]
  • JP: —
  • DE: [[include :05zentrale:component:admin-list str_admins=Admins]]
  • IT: [[include :comando05:component:admin-list str_admins=Admins]]
  • PT/BR: [[include :comando05ptbr:component:admin-list str_admins=Admins]]
  • INT: [[include :o5command-int:component:admin-list str_admins=Admins]] (Not ready yet)
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