Unofficial Branch Box

What's this?

This project is a box containing links to the unofficial branches, meant to be featured on a branches main page. It can be used in two ways. On the bottom of the branch-list as the last entry, or as a separate box you can put anywhere. The only requirement is, that you are using the standard main page's structure. While recommended, it is fully up to each branch if they use this feature or not.

This is an example for the separate box-method:

Unofficial Branches of the SCP Foundation

cz.png SCP-CS — Czech nd.png SCP-ND — Nordic tr.png SCP-TR — Turkish
vn.png SCP-VN — Vietnamese zh-tr.png SCP-ZH-TR — Traditional Chinese


In your branch-box, below the last entry and before the [[div class="panel-footer"]] add the line:

 [[include :o5command-int:component:ubb-inline unofficials=Unofficial branches|czech=Czech|nordic=Nordic|turkish=Turkish|vietnamese=Vietnamese|traditionalchinese=Traditional Chinese]]

Separate box-method
Somewhere outside of any other div on your main page (preferably below the branch-box) add the line:

 [[include :o5command-int:component:ubb-separate unofficials=Unofficial Branches of the SCP Foundation|czech=Czech|nordic=Nordic|turkish=Turkish|vietnamese=Vietnamese|traditionalchinese=Traditional Chinese|footer=[ Ambassadors on EN's staff site] ]]

Please note that this method features the field footer in the bottom, you can link to a page relevant to the unofficial branches. If you don't want this link just put -- in there.

Translate the words behind the = into your branch's language. Done. When a new unofficial branch is added or a branch is becoming official, we will update the components. It is recommended to update your embedded code soon, until then the standard-text in English is shown there.
You can also remove the stuff starting with "unofficials=…" until "]]", that is fully optional. The entries will be in English then.
Images are hotlinked and do not need to be uploaded anywhere. If you want to attribute the images, they are from here, as well as the official-branch flags. Here they can be found individually.

Make sure there is no blank space in front if the [[include…, or it won't work.

Pages of this project

component:ubb-base — Contains the list of unofficial branches
component:ubb-inline-base — Contains additional code for inline use
component:ubb-inline — Contains the code and default values for inline use
component:ubb-separate-base — Contains additional code for separate use
component:ubb-separate — Contains the code and default values for separate use

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