On this page we list active timers. Check back regularly to see if anything needs to be done. Don't forget to delete old timers. You can get timers here: Timers 2.0

Disciplinary timers

User: sepiafishie-EN — @sepia🦑#2925
Ban effective: 2018-10-18

User: Zhange-EN — @Zhange#3305
Ban effective: 2018-10-18

Underage bans

User: Rayan-FR — Sinnubus98#0177
Ban effective: 2017-11-28 by Dr_Grom

User: necronomicon#3628
Ban effective: 2018-02-24 by TPS-Geronam

User: Prof. Dr. Richard#0639
Ban effective: 2018-03-18 by Dr Ore

User: ANONIMO#5752
Ban effective: 2018-09-22 by DrGraph

User: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza#1671
Ban effective: 2019-01-05 by DrGraph

DrMagnusDrMagnus created these timers.

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