Vote Log

On this page, votes of INT's staff are logged after they have been decided. For transparency, as well as for order and clean log-channels in the staff Discord. Only non-disc votes are added to this log.

Organizational comments are left out of this log. Please understand that as the votes are originally not public, they are anonymized and sometimes redacted.

2018-02-28: #not-safe-for-display
There recently has been talk about topics that are falling under Not Safe For Work (but not adult) in #general_discussion. It is understandable that not everybody wants to see such content, maybe because they don't like it or because they are in public or at work and don't want anyone to see such things on their screen. I repeat: No adult content.

To give our users a place for such talk I propose the creation of a new public channel: #not-safe-for-display
It is intendedly not called #nsfw, as users would assume that is where the porn goes.
There is neither adult nor offensive content allowed.

10 yes; 5 no; 3 abstaining

2018-03-24: Ban-log
@Resure - RU has developed a database for banned users. It allows us to keep track of banned users. Everytime a user gets banned via a bot, for example on INT or RU, a new entry is recorded in the database. Everytime a user joins a server with a bot connected to the database, the bot scans the list. If there is an entry for that user in the database, the bot notifies staff. No insta-bans involved in any way. @KIRA would take the role of the said bot on INT. Only authenticated bots have access to the list (both request and edit). Personal data laws are not an issue, I might add, as we're not recording real names, email adresses, phone numbers and such, but anonymous handles.

A record in the shared ban list has the following parameters:
- ID of banned user (not the Discord Discriminator!)
- origin of ban (e.g. "RU" or "INT")
- username of banned user (optional)
- short description such as "Trolling", "Spam" or "P-Info" (optional; the last one should be used if the reason is personal, in this case one should ask the respective staff about what happened, if needed)
- username of staff who initiated ban (optional)
- date until the user is banned (optional)

13 yes; 2 no
Note: The technical requirements for using such a log have been developed, but it is not in use.

2018-03-29: INT-Hub
I am initiating a major vote about proposing the INT-Hub to EN, here is the proposal's draft:

As the proposal is to be made in the name of all branches, all branches must approve of this, therefore only Primary Contacts are allowed to vote. The PC according to the current list are:
@Rogay (for approval that we may propose this on EN), @Gene R - RU, @Knoth - KO, @MScarlet - CN, @Mafiew - FR, @wanna-amigo, @Mallea-ES, @DrSSS - TH, @jet0620, @Grim Grom - DE, @Afro Gufo - IT.
If any entry is wrong please let us know. If your Primary Contact is unavailable your branch may choose a substitute to vote instead.

If a branch does not approve, the proposal will be reformulated. This vote will only be accepted if all branches approve or abstain.

11 yes, one from each branch

2018-05-01: #general-art
Multiple users have mentioned that they wish to post non-SCP art here. While we could allow all art in #fanart and maybe rename it accordingly, we could also create an additional channel dedicated to non-SCP art, to keep both separated.

Create #general-art: 14; against the whole idea: 2; abstaining: 3
Also sort text-channels in SCP-related and off-topic categories: 8; don't do that: 0

2018-05-23: Raid Protection Mode for KIRA

During a raid, many users join within a short period of time and start spamming long posts with emojis and links. These make slow computers and phones lagging and unstable. It can be impossible to kick them for staff with such devices because of the lagging. On the command !raid KIRA activates Raid Protection. In this mode, users who fall under the following criteria are being muted. Note that these are settings for DE and can probably be changed here. Also the users are getting a PM from KIRA, explaining their mute.
- Everybody who posts more than 1000 digits
- Everybody posting too fast
- Everybody posting server invites
- Everybody who is being reported with !report thrice by anyone with the member role
- Everybody who joins the server*
Users who are muted can not post, speak or add new reactions. Though it is necessary for staff to have an eye on those who are muted, because normal users may be targeted as well.

  • During a raid, many raiders join in a short period of time. It is unlikely that a non-raider joins during this period

This system is working very well and can be left on for some time. It has protected DE from three raids now. The raiders leave within minutes once they notice the server is protected.

The !raid command can be executed by all Staff, Review Team and Tech Team members for the start. The mode can only be deactivated by Staff though.

21 yes

2018-06-27: Community Survey 2018[REDACTED]
The survey will be held as soon as this vote has finished (on the 3rd July or by reaching an absolute majority) if I don't forget it.

14 yes
1 month: 7; 1 months: 2; 3 months: 3; abstain: 1

2018-08-10: Disciplinary Process Overhaul (Proposal INT#P-001)

Link to the proposal:[REDACTED]

11 yes
This vote resulted in the Disciplinary Actions Guideline

2018-08-18: Discord Staff Role Overhaul (Proposal INT#P-002 )

Link to proposal:[REDACTED]

12 yes; 3 abstain
This vote resulted in splitting the staff role into Chat-OP and Representatives, as well as some other internal restructuring.

2018-08-25: Use of the INT label (Proposal INT#P-003)

Link to proposal:[REDACTED]

5 yes; 1 no; 5 abstain
As a result, the requirements to make INT-articles have been written

2018-08-27: Creation of the Wanted Forum (Proposal INT#P-004)

In essence, this forum section will allow users from different branches to find each other to collaborate on an idea proposed by one party. The rules are as follows:

- Only one thread per specific idea
- Only one thread per user
- If a user wants to abandon his current project, for whatever reasons, he will first have to proclaim that he abandoned his thread to start a new one.
- The abandoned thread and by extension the idea in it will remain to be picked up by another interested party. Deletion will only occur once an idea is brought to fruition.

11 yes; 1 no; 1 abstain

2019-01-29: Proposal INT#P-004: Definition of "Unofficial Branch"

@Representatives, we now have an increasing lot of Unofficial Branches that are dead or dying, or just getting nowhere. I have allowed myself to make a proposal to solve this situation:[REDACTED]

You are voting for accepting this proposal as a guideline and basics for our following actions. There will be a big announcement to the unofficial branches before we do anything, so they can state their opinion on that.

14 yes
As a result, the ULI was restarted, and the Requirements for Unofficial Branches have been written.

2019-02-07: New branch box on INT's front page

Vote to use this as replacement for the official branch list on INT's front page:[REDACTED]

11 yes

2019-02-27: Unofficial Branch Definition
@Representatives, we now should start voting on which unofficial branch we will consider an unofficial branch in the future, and which not. Because of the amount of entries, we will be using a poll.

As a reminder, this was the proposal this vote is based on as well as the requirements for an unofficial branch:[REDACTED]

This is a spreadsheet with all unofficial branches and their data. Please see this before voting:[REDACTED]

This is the poll:[REDACTED]

10 participated, 1 abstain
As a result, CS, ND, TR and VN where accepted as unofficial branches

2019-04-10: Unofficial branch status of SCP-ZH-TR and SCP-GR

@Representatives, please see this document for the collected data. SCP-ZH-TR is in row 21, SCP-GR is in row 9, both highlighted in bold font type:[REDACTED]

You find my recommendation in the document, but please consider all collected data. I will make two voting posts after this one, the vote will be open for 24 hours at least.

SCP-ZH-TR was accepted with 11 yes. SCP-GR was declined.

2019-09-20: Officializing the Czech branch

Recently the Czech branch approached us and asked where they stand in the officialization process. They where assessed, changed a bit upon request and now are ready for voting.

Until now, EN decided on it's own what branch is official and what is not. Now, all branches will decide. In this first case, we will vote with one vote per branch. As some branches may wish to decide internally how they will vote, this vote goes for one week (27th September) or until all branches have voted. The vote requires a 2/3 majority. 1 vote per branch.

All papes:

All pages:


Data collection:[REDACTED]

If you think that CS should meet further requirements, please say so and it will be attempted to have them fullfill the requirements during the voting period. Please feel free to discuss in #embassy.

10 yes

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